Correcting the record on Woodmen Hills' water resources

In its September issue, The New Falcon Herald published a story about Woodmen Hills Metro District’s water supply that is riddled with errors of fact.

We are working with the newspaper’s leadership to make sure next month’s issue corrects the record. In the meantime, we want to lay the facts out here.

The article, entitled “Really – is there enough water?” gives the impression that Woodmen Hills is facing a water shortage, even a water crisis. That impression flows from several objective, demonstrable falsehoods.

The article cites a former, short-time district employee as saying that WHMD has a contract with Cherokee Metropolitan District for 89 acre feet of water per year. That figure is incorrect. WHMD receives 89 acre feet of water per year from our Guthrie well, but our contract with Cherokee Metro is for 350 acre feet per year.

The article cites the same employee as saying that WHMD’s total water supply is about 951 acre feet per year. That figure is also incorrect. Our total water supply is about 1405 acre feet per year.

Therefore, while the numbers that form the basis of the article (820-850 demand / 951 supply) suggest that Woodmen Hills is currently using about 88% of our total supply, the correct numbers (820-850 demand / 1426 supply) show that we are in fact using about 59% of our total supply.

In short, there is no absolutely reason for residents or prospective residents to be concerned about Woodmen Hills’ water supply. In fact, we’re in better shape than some of our neighbors and in worse shape than none.

As always, residents should feel free to contact the district with any questions or concerns. You can reach our main office at (719) 495-2009. Thank you.