Water Consumption Questions and Concerns

Woodmen Hills would like to address concerns expressed by a few residents regarding their water bills. Several years back, the District implemented a program of installing transponders that send out an hourly electronic readings from a home’s water meter. These transponders can only send out reads; they cannot receive any transmissions. (This makes it physically impossible for the District to somehow manipulate the readings that are being received.) Because these transponders keep hourly reads, any issues can be pinpointed to the time of their occurrence.

Every summer during watering season, we receive an increase in calls  by residents to dispute water bills. To date, every billing issue brought to our attention can be explained by the following: incorrectly scheduling sprinklers, leaks in sprinkler or drip system, leaks in the home, outside hoses being turned on and, as hard as it is to believe, people being caught filling up 5 gallon buckets from the outdoor faucets of other people’s homes.

Historically, we see an increase of water usage during the months of June, July and August. One of those months usually has more rainfall and, for those residents who adjust their sprinkler systems to reflect that, water consumption drops significantly. When it rises the following, dryer month, residents can sometimes be taken by surprise.

Concerns about the increase in water consumption are not limited to Woodmen Hills. We are hearing the same complaints and reports from other water districts.

Rest assured that Woodmen Hills is aware of resident concerns, as all the board members and a large majority of District employees are residents themselves. As always, you are more than welcome to call the District and discuss your usage on an individual basis, and we will try to resolve to the best of our ability the concerns you may have.

Here is some data regarding how much water can be lost due to leaks of various sizes, according to the website of Simply Leak Detection, LLC.

A dripping leak consumes:
15 gal. per day
450 gal. per month

A 1/32 in. leak consumes:
264 gal. per day
7,920 gal. per month

A 1/16 in. leak consumes:
943 gal. per day
28,300 gal. per month / At 60psi, a 1/16″ hole leaks 74,000 gallons (9,850 cubic feet) in 3 months

A 1/8 in. leak consumes:
3,806 gal. per day
114,200 gal. per month / At 60psi, a 1/8″ hole leaks 296,000 gallons (39,400 cubic feet) in 3 months

A 1/4 in. leak consumes:
15,226 gal. per day
456,800 gal. per month / At 60 psi, a 1/4″ hole leaks 1,181,500 gallons (158,000cf) in 3 months

A 1/2 in. leak consumes:
60,900 gal. per day
1,827,000 gal. per month

Common water loss examples:

Leaking Toilet @1/2 GPM = 21,600 Gal/mo
Drip Irrigation @1 GPM = 43,200 Gal/mo
Watering Garden for 2 hours @ 5 GPM = 18,000 Gal/mo
Watering Garden for 2 hours @ 10 GPM = 36,000 Gal/mo
Unattended Water Hose 1 night @10 GPM = 5,400 Gal/mo
Broken Services Line 1 night @15 GPM = 8,100 Gal
1 day @15 GPM = 21,600 Gal
1 week @15 GPM = 151,200 Gal
1 month @ 15 GPM = 648,000 Gal
Stuck Ice Maker @ 2 GPM = 86,400 Gal/mo
Stuck Check Valve in Washing Machine – 30 minutes = 240 Gal
Stuck Float Valve in Watering Trough @ 5GPM = 216,000 Gal/mo

Typical normal water uses:

1 Bath = 42 Gal
1 Shower = 17 Gal
Wash 1 Load of Clothes = 45 Gal
Flush Toilet = 3 Gal