Comments on 09/28/17 Board Meeting

During the Thursday, September 28 board meeting, two residents made comments of general interest to the Woodmen Hills community.

One came from resident Patty Ettlin, who said that dirt trucks associated with the construction of the District’s new wastewater treatment plant are idling on the street immediately in front of her driveway. She asked what could be done about them.

Subsequent to the meeting, the District investigated and learned the trucks in question are unrelated to the District’s new wastewater treatment plant. Instead, they belong to a subcontractor of a homebuilder which is using them for private construction. The homebuilder agreed to instruct the subcontractor to avoid idling in front of residences.

Later in the public comment section of the meeting, resident Neeva Herrold expressed concern about an article that appeared in September’s New Falcon Herald regarding Woodmen Hills’ water supply. In response, District communications consultant Daniel Cole explained that the article was based on erroneous information provided the New Falcon Herald by former employee Jim McGrady; that after the article appeared, the District provided the newpaper with accurate information; and that the newspaper intends to print a follow-up article in its October issue based on the District’s accurate information.

For a fuller explanation of the problems in the New Falcon Herald’s September article, click here.