07/26/18 Board Meeting: Presentations and Staff Changes

Thursday’s board meeting was jam-packed with information, including a presentation from the District’s bond attorney Eric Stowe about the status and history of the District’s bonds, a status update from the District’s water engineer John McGinn about the construction of our new wastewater treatment facility, and the presentation of a draft business plan for the expansion of Recreation Center East from WHMD’s Parks and Rec Director Cory Gambardella. You can find the bonds slideshow here, the wastewater treatment facility slideshow here, and the draft business plan for the RCE expansion here.

It’s important to note that the draft business plan is exactly that: a work in progress. Several revisions of the working draft may be issued before the final document is written, or the document may be made obsolete by future developments.

In addition to these presentations, there were a couple of staff developments at Thursday’s meeting as well. The board accepted the resignation of Lisa Peterson, Director of Administration, and resolved to find a new Director of Administration. The board also promoted a current employee to General Manager: Jerry Jacobson. Jerry will now serve as the Director of Water and Wastewater as well as the District’s General Manager.