'Tis the Season: High Water Bills

It’s that time of year when a few residents are receiving surprisingly high water bills. High bills are more common in the summer than in other seasons both because normal usage is higher during the summer months and because summertime usage creates more opportunities for user errors (such as misprogramming of a sprinkler system) and system errors (such as sprinkler leaks).

If you do receive a high water bill, District staff are standing by to help you identify the cause of the problem. We wrote about our process in the most recent edition of our newsletter, which you can read in its entirety here.

“If you do receive a high water bill, Woodmen Hills Metro District can help you track down the cause. Several years back, the District began installing transponders that send out hourly electronic readings from a home’s water meter. Because these hourly reads create a record, any abnormal water usage can be pinpointed to the time of its occurrence.

“When the District receives a phone call about a high water bill, the first thing we do is pull the resident’s hourly report. The data included in the report almost always solves the mystery. If water usage spikes at 2 am three days per week, we advise residents they’ve probably misprogrammed their sprinkler system to water overnight. If water usage is consistently high every hour of the day and night, residents almost certainly have a leak or a running hose.”

As Woodmen Hills residents ourselves, District staff understand how frustrating it can be to receive a water bill higher than we expected. Although we’re not plumbers, we are standing by to help in any way we can. Please feel perfectly free to call the District office at (719) 495-2500 during normal business hours with any questions about your bill.